Quick-Lock System

Quick-Lock is one of the most user-friendly patch repair systems around, but it still requires plenty of experience in repairing pipes and knowledge of how they are constructed. We are happy to offer this new cutting-edge technology.

Quick-Lock is entirely a mechanical, seamless assembly system for patch repairs inside pipes ranging from DN 150 to DN 800 in any common wastewater, well or drinking water pipe system.

Quick-Lock consists of:

  • A rolled-up V4A stainless steel sleeve
  • A rubber jacket
  • The damaged section is repaired and sealed by permanently clamping the steel sleeve in place.
  • This exerts a pressing force which compresses the rubber jacket against the inside of the pipe.
  • The area between the circumferential seals is completely sealed.

When the steel is manufactured, it is rolled tighter than the diameter of the pipe to be repaired.

What can quick lock repair?

Quick-Lock can be used to repair all common types of pipe:

  • Vitrified clay pipes
  • Concrete pipes
  • Plastic pipes
  • Glass-reinforced plastic pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Steel pipes

For further information on the Quick-Lock system, download the user manual.

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