Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Domestic and Commercial

Drain cleaning, whether domestic or commercial is an effective way of ensuring drains and sewers remain operational and prevent future faults from developing.

Existing drainage

Existing drainage systems can develop a variety of faults through ground movement or general waste build-up. This can lead to bigger problems and reduce the serviceability of a drain or sewer.

Cleaning a drain or sewer before either a blockage occurs or the fault increases prevents the need for emergency assistance and reduces the risk of potential flooding.

New drains and sewers

As a contractor, Drain Technology specialise in the new housing and construction sectors working on projects across the whole of the south.

While new drains should be structurally sound due to the fact they are new, it is inevitable that site debris, shingle or mud will get into the newly laid pipes preventing the system from being fully operational and ready to hand over.

As a business, we have a variety of methods for cleaning drains and sewers ranging from the biggest and most powerful van packs available up to jetting lorries and combination tankers.

Residential Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning

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