Repairs & Excavations

Drain Technology run a full-time specialist excavation team that carries out emergency or planned drain repairs plus new installations daily, on domestic and commercial properties.

Whether undertaking an insurance job or working on a new installation, you can expect the same professionalism throughout, ensuring we meet all the latest legislation.

Drain Repairs / Replacement

If a drain is severely damaged and excavation is the only solution, our team will endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible and once completed will reinstate the ground as near as possible to its original state.

New Installations

As well as undertaking repairs, our excavation team carry out new installations. Whether a new soakaway or a full house drain system, our team will carry out the work adhering to local planning regulations.

Types of new installations

Rainwater soakaway

A faulty soakaway replacement is a common issue with older properties. While a lot of local builders offer a simple hole in the ground with crushed concrete thrown inside, we will build you a new soakaway adhering to the correct legislation, using a water storage crate system encased in a geotextile membrane, guaranteeing years of fault-free use.

Development project drainage

A lot of properties get redeveloped and modernised to individual tastes. One area that quite often gets improved is the drainage system. Our digging team will install a new drain system around a property, ensuring all pipes are laid to the correct falls and manholes are located in the right places.

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