Pipe Lining

As a well-established pipe rehabilitation contractor, we have carried out many specialist pipe repairs without the need for excavation on a variety of different projects.

Whether the project is a small diameter short pipe repair or a large diameter long drain liner, we have the equipment and experience to undertake any project.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipe lining is simply a method of placing a new pipe of any length or diameter into an existing damaged or leaking pipe without excavation.

The new pipe is moulded into the existing line by an ingenious method called “inversion” using water or air pressure.

Pipes suitable for rehabilitation?

Clay, PVC, Concrete, Pitch Fibre and Cast Iron.

Common faults where liners are used:

  • Pipes with open leaking joints, cracks, fractures or holes.
  • Re-lining a pipe will cover all of the defects while creating a new smooth sealed continuous pipe from start to finish.

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