Culvert Maintenance and Cleaning

Throughout the UK there are different bodies responsible for culverts, such as the Local Authorities (highways departments), regional water and sewerage companies and the Environment Agency (EA) to name a few.

Why consider Culvert Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular cleaning and inspection of culverts is critical to ensure that surface water is able to flow away freely, which reduces the risk of flooding to the local area.

Many ditches and brooks run into culverts, and while the ditches themselves may get dredged and maintained, quite often the connecting culvert is forgotten about until flooding occurs. This can cause significant damage to properties and the environment.

At Drain Technology, our powerful tankers have the capability to clean these culverts using a variety of different methods ensuring they continue to flow at their maximum capability.

Remote Culverts

Not all culverts are situated next to a road and easy to reach, the same as not all culverts come in any one size or length.

For this reason, we have the capability to use a tracked remote jetting hose reel with up to 200 meters of additional hose for accessing those more awkward areas such as fields, forests or any other non-friendly vehicle location.

Culvert Maintenance

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