Manhole & Tank Sealing

Drain Technology offer manhole and tank rehabilitation services. Whether a large volume man entry tank or a small inspection chamber, we have the ability and product range to stop and seal water leaks from entering through concrete and brick surfaces.

Using a special polyurethane resin, which is injected through the wall of the manhole or tank, we can seal cracks and holes while also filling voids that allow water through, even when under pressure.

By drilling holes around the leaking area and inserting intake valves, we can inject the polyurethane resin using a specially designed air injection gun. This resin reacts with water and can expand up to 37 times its original substance, depending on back pressure, creating an environmentally friendly foam material that is watertight.

Once sealed, the valves are snapped off and the excess foam is removed before a quick-drying cement is used to top off any sealed gaps left.


  • Stops leaks in minutes
  • Clean and safe to use
  • Cost effective compared to excavation and replacement
  • High quality materials
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be injected in the presence of pressurised water
  • Ideal for brick and concrete structures
  • Light and compact equipment when working in tight locations

Project Example

A new drainage system on a recently developed housing estate was on the verge of being adopted by the local authority. During the drainage CCTV survey, it was established that 12 manholes had water infiltration coming in through either the concrete rings or cement benching which was causing the down stream pump station to continually be overloaded.

Drain Technology attended the site and held a pre-works consultation meeting with the groundworker to discuss options. It was decided that our resin injection sealing system would be far more cost effective, less disruptive and far quicker than manually repairing, or worst still, excavating and replacing individual manholes.

A two-man team attended the site. Using confined space technics along with the resin injection system, over 3 days we managed to repair every leak saving the ground worker money and time, while also his reputation with the main house builder who was waiting to hand over the system.

Manhole and Tank Sealing
Manhole and Tank Sealing
Manhole and Tank Sealing

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