Gully Emptying

Road gullies are designed to handle surface water and to retain debris-usually leaves and silts, to prevent them from entering the drainage system and causing pipe blockages and flooding.

What we can do

With the risk of flooding increasing year on year and record levels of rainfall in certain areas, the need for cleaning road gullies has become even more significant and relevant.

Whether as part of an ongoing maintenance plan or a one-off emergency fix, we can supply a gully sucker to attend your site and undertake the cleaning of all gullies, ensuring the removed waste is disposed of correctly, and meeting legislation.

Why choose Drain Technology?

  • Over 30 years of combined experience
  • Our expert team on call 24/7
  • Your one-stop, complete service
  • Using the latest technology we can undertake large and small projects
  • Competitive rates
  • Rural locations are accessible
Drain Technology 18t Gully Sucker

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