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There’s no doubt about it, buying a house is expensive. It’s the single biggest investment most of us are ever likely to make. The price negotiated with the seller is only part of the full cost, which includes stamp duty, survey fees and legal fees.

What can you do?

Having committed to a purchase, the last thing you need is to find that your drains and facilities are faulty. Potential problems could include frequent blockages or pipe deterioration – all of which could lead to costly, and quite often, intrusive repairs.

Be prepared and save yourself time and money before you commit to a purchase.

Drain Technology offer Home Buyer Drainage Surveys that have already saved thousands of pounds for prospective purchasers.

We offer two types of drainage surveys that identify potential faults within the drainage system:

Standard Drain Survey

This is a basic drain survey, this survey covers purely the underground drainage system and will provide a comprehensive professional condition report of the existing underground drain system only. It is ideal to check if the drains on the property you are buying are faulty and gives recommendations of any necessary repairs, should they be required.

Drain & Asset Survey

As a company, we realise that while a standard drain survey is a very useful tool, but there are still a lot of above ground items that are not covered in a standard survey. These can be gullies, manhole chambers and rainwater pipes. Much of which could lead to further expense if faulty.

We offer a full professional Drain & Asset Survey, which is a far more extensive survey that includes the standard underground drain report, but also a manhole and asset report.

The Drain & Asset Survey Includes:

  • Schematic drawing showing the property and drainage layout.
  • Below ground WRc approved drain condition report with pictures and recommendations.
  • A separate manhole and asset report with pictures that shows the condition of all the manholes on your property, plus their construction type. It also includes other assets such as gullies, rainwater down pipes and soil stacks, things that are generally not included in a standard package.
  • Invert levels, so should you have any future plans to build an extension, you will already know the depth of the manholes and even the approx. distance from the buildings.

Why buy a house when you only have half the information you need? Knowledge is power – trust Drain Technology to give you the power you need to make a fully informed decision and book a Home Buyers Drain Survey today.

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